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A's Baseball

Welcome to the home of the A’s Baseball Club.  Our teams enjoy a complete season consisting of indoor player and team development followed by an outdoor game season experience.  Our headquarters are located in Woburn, Massachusetts and our field facilities are located in the surrounding Greater Boston area.  The A's welcome players from any town, region or state.


The A’s Baseball Club is for youth and high school players who want to dedicate an entire season to advancing their skills and increasing their baseball knowledge with top-notch coaches and great teammates.  Our indoor player development program is at the top of its' class.  In the Spring and Summer our teams take part in a challenging, exciting game season experience.  This is all done in a competitive yet fun environment led by full-time baseball professionals.


Core Drive

The A’s Baseball Club was established a decade ago by successful college coaches who understood what youth players needed in order to grow into middle school, high school or college student-athletes.  The A's quickly became known as a trusted program by families and other programs alike.

In a time dominated by “travel ball culture” a program that values the critical needs of developing players over the “flash” and  “hype”  of “travel ball” is essential to families searching for real baseball.  Search no further!  We are led by the same founding individuals and principles as in the beginning.  Through many seasons of experience we have adapted and grown the program into one that provides endless opportunities for players to improve their game.

We aren’t interested in collecting plastic trophies and making promises.  What we do is different.  We use our experience managing and coaching college baseball teams to provide our youth players with everything  they need and eliminate the distractions of what they don't need.  Our background in coaching college baseball is unique among youth baseball programs in New England.  In this way the A's Baseball club is a truly “elite” program.

Core Benefits

  • The highest level off-season player and team development program.
  • No parent or volunteer coaches.
  • Former college head coaches and full-time baseball professionals oversee all aspects of the program.
  • Clear and consistent  professional communication.
  • Our own indoor baseball facility.
  • Fully organized indoor off-season.
  • Fully organized outdoor game/tournament season.

Other Benefits

  • Varsity level uniform, gear and apparel package.
  • Discount on cage rentals, indoor camps, clinics, private lessons and more.
  • Partnered with Roving Scout Baseball to provide discounted Prospect U services to our A's HS age players.

    A’s Leadership

    The A's Baseball Club was founded in 2009 by brothers Brian and Scott Blumsack.  Since then they have established themselves as one of the most well-rounded and highly respected baseball programs in New England.  Brian and Scott have a combined 32 years involvement in college baseball as players and then coaches.  They have experience at virtually every level of collegiate competition including NCAA DI, DII, DIII and NJCAA DI and DIII.  They now have a combined twenty years’ experience coaching competitive youth and high school baseball players.  Brian also spent 5 years actively scouting for the San Francisco Giants and the Los Angeles Angels.

    Always Bring The #BEAST

    The “#BEAST” hashtag is our easy to remember player handbook!

    Excellent Behavior, maximum Effort, positive Attitude, Sportsmanship, and Toughness are the traits we ask every player to bring to every A's practice, workout or game.  It takes no special skill to excel in all these areas therefore it is required of all A’s players.  When you play for the A's you'll always bring the #BEAST!